U. S. Spacesuits (2nd edition)

Spacesuits are far more than garments. They are a personalized spacecraft that allows direct contact and interaction with everything beyond our world, and a last refuge for survival in a disaster. Creating safe, reliable, and comfortable spacesuits is an ongoing challenge that has spanned over four decades. “U. S. Spacesuits, 2nd Edition” by Kenneth S. […]

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The Practice of Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering)

Written by one of the world’s leading experts in the field of nuclear medicine dosimetry, this text describes in detail the use of internal dose calculations in the practice of nuclear medicine. While radiation therapy with external sources of radiation always employs calculations of dose to optimize therapy for each patient, this is not routinely […]

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Introduction to the Construction of Class Fields

In this graduate level textbook, Professor Cohn takes a problem that Pythagoras could have posed, and using it as motivation, develops a constructional introduction to classical field theory and modular function theory. The interest in constructional techniques has increased recently with the advent of cheap and plentiful computer technology. The beginning chapters provide the motivation […]

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Dating Tips for the Unemployed

In twenty-four absurd, lyrical, and louche episodes, “Iris Smyles” weaves a modern odyssey of trying to find one’s home in the world amid the pitfalls and insidious traps of adult life. A wickedly funny picaresque touching on quantum physics, the Donner Party, arctic exploration, Greek mythology, Rocky I, II, V, IV, VI, and III respectively, […]

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A Palette of Particles

From molecules to stars, much of the cosmic canvas can be painted in brushstrokes of primary color: the protons, neutrons, and electrons we know so well. But for meticulous detail, we have to dip into exotic hues—leptons, mesons, hadrons, quarks. Bringing particle physics to life as few authors can, Jeremy Bernstein here unveils nature in […]

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Theories of Development, Third Edition Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives

This widely adopted text starts with the fundamentals-what is economic growth, what is development, and what is the relationship between these two concepts? The authors examine orthodox theories of growth grounded in different schools of economics (classical, neoclassical, Keynesian, neoliberal) before considering critical alternatives (Marxist, socialist, poststructuralist, and feminist). The book elucidates the basic ideas […]

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